General terms and conditions for “holiday rental”SARL LODGE BY RIVALLAND4 Square Chateau Gaillard 17000 La Rochelle


The lease is granted for a fixed provisional length depending on the period chosen on the reservation website.


The rental fee, the costs, the tourist tax and the security deposit are shown on the reservation website.

The methods of payment of the rent are set out on the reservation website.

The security deposit covers the loss of and/or damage to the rented property, objects, furniture or other things included in the rental.

The security deposit can be retained by the host within the 14 days following the exit inventory (but before the arrival of the new occupant).

A copy of the identity document (passport or ID card) will be requested at the same time as the security deposit.

The refunding of all or part of the security deposit depends on the state of the accommodation when the keys are handed back at the end of the stay and on the results of the inventory.

The host shall have the right to retain all or part of the security deposit if a hidden vice is revealed within 14 days after the inventory, and after having informed the occupant and having reported it on the reservation site.


The lessor is obliged to:

  1. Provide the accommodation and the equipment supplied with it as mentioned in the contract in a good state of repair (except for a special stipulation concerning work that may be carried out by the tenant).
  2. Ensure the tenant’s right to quiet possession and enjoyment of the property and to guarantee against defects that may prevent this.
  3. Maintain the property in a good state of repair for use as stipulated in the contract by carrying out repairs other than rental.


The tenant is obliged to:

  1. Pay the rent and the costs under the terms agreed.
  2. Pay the security deposit on arrival (by cheque or bank card) or via the reservation website (as the case may be)
  3. Use the rented premises quietly for the purpose set out in the contact.
  4. Take responsibility for damage or losses incurred in the premises of which he has exclusive use during the time of the contract, unless he can prove that it was a case of force majeure, or that it was the lessor’s fault, or that it was incurred by a third party that he had not invited onto the premises.
  5. Be responsible for the daily upkeep of the accommodation and its equipment, for minor repairs and all the repairs that are the responsibility of the tenant as defined by order n°87-712 of 26 August 1987, except if they have been caused by dilapidation, defects, construction faults, acts of God or force majeure.
  6. Inform the lessor of any damage that occurs in the accommodation or its outbuildings.
  7. Not transform the rented premises or their equipment.
  8. Correctly insure against tenant risks, fire, explosions, water damage, and to prove this when receiving the keys (refer to comprehensive homeowners insurance) or check with their insurance company that they are duly covered.
  9. Not refuse the lessor or their representative entry to the house to settle an outstanding problem (leaks or repairs)
  10. Not to make copies of the keys.
  11. Personally return the keys handed over at the start of contract to the lessor.


The tenant must arrive on the day mentioned in this contract, in general after 4pm.

If the arrival should be late or differed, the tenant shall inform the lessor.

Should the tenant not be present within the 24 hours following the scheduled arrival date, and this without prior warning from the tenant, this contract becomes null and void and the lessor can re-let the accommodation.


Half an hour before the planned departure (usually at 11am), the tenant must hand back the keys to their host and carry out the inventory (giving back the keys by hiding them in a secret place is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN). All the dishes must be clean and put away in the cupboards before the inventory to make this easier.


This contract is drawn up for a maximum of 2 to 6 people depending on the case (refer to special conditions). If the number of rental occupants is more than that specified in the contract, the lessor has the right to refuse entry to the extra occupants over 2, or to request a surcharge by day and person for each extra person, and to refuse access to the furnished accommodation for more than 6 people (this is the maximum authorised capacity).


It is expressly agreed that if payment of all or part of the rent, the cleaning costs, or the security deposit is not made within the delay stipulated the lessor has full rights to terminate this contract.


For any cancellation of the rental contract by the tenant, the tenant must notify the lessor by email and/or letter within the following deadlines:

  • More than 30 days, the deposit shall be reimbursed;
  • Less than 30 days, the tenant forfeits the deposit paid, unless there is a case of force majeure.

Any cancellation of the rental contract by the lessor before the arrival date automatically incurs the reimbursement of the totality of the deposit to the tenant, without payment of damages. The tenant shall be informed by email or letter.


The tenants are requested to take out insurance (refer to comprehensive homeowners insurance) or check with their insurance company that they are covered.


Free access to Internet WIFI is offered to the tenants and occupants inside the house. However the lessor is not responsible in the case of:

  • Incompatibility or malfunctioning linked to the equipment used by the tenant;
  • Interferences or interruptions;
  • Force majeure in regard of jurisprudence of the French Court of Cassation.

Taking into account the above the lessor is only obliged to provide the means of access for the tenant to Internet WIFI.

A common password shall be given to all of age tenants on arrival day. The parents shall be responsible for giving or not giving this password to their minor children.

During their stay the tenants and the occupants shall refrain from using the internet to transmit any forbidden, illicit, illegal data, contrary to morality or public order, and violating or that could violate the rights of a third party and notably intellectual, literary or artistic property rights, (refer to Law HADOPI 2).

Furthermore the tenants and occupants shall not consult either directly or indirectly any contents available on the internet network that may harm minors.

In any case the tenants and the occupants of the accommodation have sole responsibility for any prejudice direct or indirect, material or immaterial, caused to a third party; resulting from their own use of the broadband service cited above, the lessor cannot be, in any way, held responsible for this use.

Access to hiring of films and/or games via the TV is controlled by a code.

If the tenant wishes to have access, a request must be made to the host.

Any untimely unlocking without the host’s authorisation shall be followed by a bill to be paid by the tenants for the rental period concerned.


Animals are not accepted in the rented accommodation.

Parties and noise are not authorised in order to maintain friendly relations with the neighbours.

Appliances that are supplied for the tenants use should never be adjusted without authorisation.

The general terms appended to the specific terms, are necessarily accepted by the tenant at the time of reservation, and this for the length of the contract.

The tenant also states agreement with the terms of the contract and acknowledges having seen the descriptive state on the internet site.